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@ the caterpillar tattoo

I dont think that's a caterpillar. Tingin ko alupihan yan eh (centipede)

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The tarot is an ancient means of divination ~ looking into the future.

You do not 'play' the tarot you consult them, meditate upon them & build a relationship with them to gain insight, wisdom & from that you can grow & develop.

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Im having an addiction to questions.
1. if you could get a quote tattooed on you what would it be?!
2. What kinda tattoo do you wanna get?!
3. Can you look up a tattoo that you really like?! and put it in here.
4. what is your dream tattoo?!
thts just bored and was just asking. thank you!!

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tiger is the world's best
whatever they say or in spite of the criticism of their behavior nothing will comp


You know there is some really awesome artist at work there. Wonder what they could do in the straight world!

I often think that about graffiti artist. They are so talented so why waist that talent.

Martial Germain

Merveilleuses photos et des tatouages impressionnants.



Wow, there's a lot of research involved in your tattoo series (really a wealth of rare information!).

Maybe you can have your own Philippine tattoo coffeetable book published someday.


The joker tattoo stands out the most. It's a mean and scary looking piece of art.

Ashish Sidapara

Gotta love the tiger tattoo, superb series!


A very informative post to accompany your usually fine pictures. Well done... again!


une promenade à fleur de peau très instructive

Gérard Méry

des femmes, des femmes ! !


I haven't heard the word tikbalang for such a long time! These tattoo artists are very imaginative.


i like the tiger the most in this set. The tatoo artists are quite good. Have u tried interviewing them?


Sidney, this series is fascinating. Although I'm not actively commenting during my break, I'm still checking your site through Bloglines and here from time to time.

I like the caterpillar shot, maybe something to do with the body. I thought the religious ones were difficult to understand. The grim reaper tats were most impressive in their creepiness.

Well done on making it out of the prison without getting a tattoo yourself! :)


I love the tiger more than the tikbalang,,,


I like the Joker. Among the villains, i prefer him coz he's a witty SOB. lol

As a tattoo, he seems more sinister though. I guess it's the way they drew the eyes.


I always found the joker a bit creepy, so I'm not surprised it's being used by gang members.


Une série qui passe en revue tous les genres de tatouages.


I have no idea they have so much tattoo. How much does a tatoo cost?


Is there anything that does not come in a tattoo?


i admire the person with a "tikbalang" tatoo..

it's a rare kind of tatoo.. ^_^

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